Thursday, January 27, 2011

~Two Sets~

The more I look around my computer, the more I realize I have many sets of photos that I never did anything with, much beyond showing off a photo or two.

So, in light of this, I figured I would show off a few of my favourite old photos from two sets I never released beyond a daily lolita kind of format. :P

I'm really into graffiti. Someday, I'd really like to do a shoot with lolitsas & a bunch of graffiti!

This was actually pretty high up. Good thing I'm not afraid of heights!

I'm a troll!

Here are some photos from a second, earlier set.

Ahhh, how I love my Sugary Carnival dress! I don't think I could EVER sell it!

I honestly haven't been taking or modeling in pictures for some time now. I'd like to get back into it, however, as I find it to be a great artistic outlet!

What kinds of art are you guys all into?

All photos in this post © J.P.S. 2010


MarieElendir said...

you were so gorgeous! I think that with the time you look more pretty everyday! (^ ^)

Faltering Bird said...

Awee, heehee, what a sweet thing of you to say! I wish I was pretty! But thank you very much!! ❤

KittyDragon said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing. I love the one of just your hand. Also I like the contrast with the graffiti. I like Lolita photo shoots in run down places, it brings out the beauty of the area

Faltering Bird said...

Thanks, I'm really glad you like the photos!!
I also agree with the lolita & rundown places idea! My biggest dream reguarding a lolita photoshoot is to have one in an auto wrecking yard. ;_____; <3

Rei said...

Lovely photos! Do you mind if I ask where that first one was taken? (i live in Portland, too so i'm curious if i've been there and just didn't realize it!)

Faltering Bird said...

@Rei Thank you!! And not at all! XD The first ones were taken along I-5, on the way to Terwilliger. I forget the name of the bridge exactly, but it was nderneath one of the 2 bridges that parallels 1-5, in that area. Sorry if that's not much help. ;____;

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