Friday, February 11, 2011


My boyfreind's mother is a French Bulldog breeder, and one of her dogs (my favourite one, Chi Chi!) just had puppies! They're all sooo rediculoudly adorable!! I want to own one, someday.

Chi Chi, the mother, with her puppies, enjoying their heated blanket. She's a really good mommy!

If you're interested, her puppies are for sale, and can be located here:

My favourite is "Dark 'N Stormy" under the "Avaliable Puppies" section under girls. :3

Ahhh baby animals! ;_______;

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

~A few new things~

Lately, I haven't really been buying much lolita. Maybe it's because not that many prints have caught my eye past my recent purchases my Angelic Pretty Milky Planet set, and my Angelic Pretty Vanilla~Chan set, or maybe I am becoming wiser with my money? (Haha, fat chance!!)

In any case, I've actually ben pretty entranced with a few items from Bodyline recently, especially the two new boater hats I got! No matter what anyone says, I still like quite a few of the things Bodyline produces. Personally, I do not adhear to "Only brand!" However, I do not adhear to only handmade, or only Bodyline/replicas either. I think that quality/fun items can be found just about anywhere, whether they're $1,000, or $10.

If you havent checked out Bodyline this winter, you should! There's a lot of cute outerwear.

Got some eyelashes, too! I can never resist buying false lashes, I buy them whenever I get the chance!!

Looks like Callie likes lolita, too! She curled up there right after I took the photo!

Wearing one of the new boater hats I got! I love it so much!!

So, what kinds of lolita/cute items have you all gotten, recently??

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I wore my Vanilla~Chan set to a recent Oregon Lolita meet! I've never really posted "small" meet photos on my journal before, so I guess I'll take a sort of Daily Lolita approach! Most of these photos have been posted elsewhere, but a few of them are brand new ones that haven't been released publicly~

I like to mess around and edit photots sometimes, to see what I can come up with!!

I really looove my cat scarf that my friend Victoria made! The kitten is white, and goes well with the cats in the Vanilla Chan series!!

This was my full outfit!~

Accessory shots have always been one of my favourite things!!

Me and one of my best friends, Jenna! Doesn't she look so cute with her circle lenses?!

❤ Our outfits together!!❤

A candid shot one of the photgraphers took!! We both look soo happy!!
(Photo © Cristina Coppinger)

Another candid of us looking through our own photos!
(Photo © Cristina Coppinger)

What can I say, I love to climb trees!

And like most lolitas, I LOVE macaroons! They're pretty much the best, especially when they're Passion Fruit!!

I like burgers sometimes too, which probably isn'y very lolita! u_u

I really liked this one of myself! I look horrid in most candid shots, so I was surprised I managed to look like a normal human being in this one.
(Photo © Cristina Coppinger)

Overall, the meet was really fun! We went to the Portland Chocolate Fest. I think it was the 3rd or 4th annual lolita choco fest meet! It's always so fun every time!

What kind of local meets do you girls have??~

(All photos in post © Jenna Glenn unless otherwise noted.)