Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Announcement: More to come

This distance between us, it’s too great!
Sorry for the severe lack in updates for, what, more than the past half year?!

I notice that with all subjects, the more complicated something becomes, the less attention can be given to any one particular thing.
In this case, the thing that became complicated was life.

As much as I feel the internet has taught me great things in life, sitting idley in front of my glowing screen in a dark room at some point evolved, and I realized I'd graduated on to other things. Maybe I'm a late bloomer, or just an internet nerd, but the past almost year of my life I've put my focuses on things other than computers and internet communities.

In the past year I've broken up, made up,
traveled on many a jet plane, train, and automobile.
Shook the hand of quite a few charming young men,
and sort of been a vagabond.
Had a lot of highs, and quite a few lows.

Sometimes it just felt like I hadn't quite turned the page yet, or finished my chapter. Just felt like there were no words for me to proliferate into the neverending vapidity of the ether. I wasn't quite sure what to say, to put it simply.

This is by no means to say I'm am quitting the internet, or quitting my blog. Quite the opposite! I have come to realize that participating in functions online, as well as lolita communities was a large chunk of my life I'd been ignoring almost completley.

I finally feel like I have come to some sort of realization as to what I want out of life, and I finally feel like I can sit down and take a breather, for once.

In short: I'll be updating this public blog with a few back entries shortly, followed after by actual new entries.

This is the fucking year of the rabbit, my year bitches.

Look forward!
...moving on...


Renee Middleton said...

I'm excited to see what will be posted, Ashlee!

Faltering Bird said...

Awee, thank you my bb!! I hope it will be good enough :O XD

Chelsea Ann said...

Yeah ~ I felt like I lost touch with you completely :( It will be so nice to see what craziness you are up to! BIG HUG!!! ~Chelsea Ann

Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanks for showing the boater hats from Bodyline. They actually look better quality than the ones at Macy's and Guess. X) Ah... so tempted.

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