Friday, June 17, 2011

♔ Full Spectrum Lolita ♔

Finally received a package from Mai, thhe Japanese woman who buys things for me in Japan!~ I received two sets--Angelic Pretty Lamb set, and Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny set! I'm beyond stoked!

The artwork of the lambs is SO adorable!

I had totally forgotten I ordered this lamb bag! It's soo soft! * 3*

I'm not sure how I feel about the headbow, however. XD

Lyrical Bunny is just TOO cute! I was really sad when I missed getting it when it first came out, and was lucky enough to have a friend link me to this on an mBok Auction!

I love animal prints and food prints. So what's better than that? Animals WITH food prints!

I love the socks!!~

Recently, I visited my parents, and my mom bought me a few new summer clothes, which I thought was really nice of her! I'm obsessed with flowers, and shorts WITH flowers on them. Can you tell??

Since purchasing the Lyrical Bunny set, I put it away in my closet and realized I had almost every colour of the (pastel) rainbow! Now I have a Full Spectrum of Angelic Pretty. (Minus orange, of course. I wish more companies used orange, seriously, why is that so hard?!)

I wish I could take a picture of my full closet, but it's a small walk in closet and sort of imposible to take a picture that includes everything because of the angle of the wall! So, the above photo is just some of my dresses!~

~What lolita (or non-lolita) summer clothing have you ladies purchased?
~Is it warm where you live, yet??
~What does your wardrobe/closet look like?