Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pittsburgh Vacation!

So, Sterling & I went to Pittsburgh, PA a few weeks ago for our friend Minkie's 30th Birthday! It was also Kristina's 28th birthday! (Even though everyone told her she didn't get a birthday, this year!)
We arrived a day before most everyone, so that would could claim a good room. Their house was massive as it was though, I hope I am that well off at age 30! (Faaat chance!)

Mike was the first to arrive, so he met us along with Minkie & her husband Eric! The whole premise of the trip was that it was a "Zombie Survival Worksop." Weird idea, but ridiculously FUN! I don't have a picture, but scattered around Minkie & Eric's house were ambient zombie corpses, put together from old clothes and starch packing peanuts. Every morning I woke up, I kept thinking the Old Granny Zombie was some creeper sitting on the couch.
In the end, one zombie lived on the floor of the bathroom, and the rest got chucked into our gigantic bonfiefinalie as an offering.

Picking everyone else up from the airport, sans Eric. How did we all fit in one car? I don't know, but at one point we fit 2 more people and 2 dogs into this very same car. We're...really good at the whole clown car thing.

Among being creepy, Pittsburgh has some really neat alleys! If I'd have been there long enough, it would have been great to do a photoshoot of some kind!

On one of the first days, we visited a bird Aviary! I think Mike really liked this, as he works at one also, only in Eugene. This bird was kind of a stinker! I had worms in my hand, and I guess he'd already gotten his fill, because all he did to MY worms was beat them into a mush in my hand and then fly away. ._.

At Minkie's birthday dinner, Raul (Who did the fabulous art pictured above!) had gotten it framed so all her relatives and such could see.

This is what it looks like, up close! It's freaking FABULOUS! He is such an amazing artist, and even dpipicted everyone on the vacation in the piece. I'm the one on the top left with double hand guns, and Sterling is the crazy one with a sword flying off the bottom right corner. And of course, Minkie is on top, barking orders!!

We also even had a small lolita meet! I got to meet Kai & Cookie! They were so sweet, I hope I can meet them again! Sterling looks so silly in this photo, haha!

Everyone that attended the meet! Even the boys are in this shot! We visited a Botanical garden. It was amazing!

Me and the other birthday girl, Kristina! She's so cute! The day I took this photo we went tromping around in the woods of Pennsylvania.

There was lots and lots of riding quads. SO MUCH. And yep, those are high heel boots. I pretty much do everything in heels, and I do it well. Driving a quad was actually the first motorized vehicle I have ever driven. So glad I didn't kill myself! So glad.
We also did a LOT of paint-balling. I STILL have a welt/bruise from it, and this was WEEKS ago! I'm happy though, I nailed a sufficient amount of people.

This was one of the best night, in my opinion! Sterling decided to throw one of the starch packing peanut-filled zombies from the mezzanine, which caused its head to fall off. Then I decided it'd be cool to drop kick the head. Then someone else decided to dump all the peanuts out. Being starch, water causes them to become sticky. By the end of the night we had devolved to rolling around in them and licking and sticking them onto each other's faces.
I'm front and center in the photo, pretty much wringing my hands out going "WHYYY???"

For the most part, the trip was insanely fun! I can't think of how I could have had more fun of a time.

~When was your last vacation? Where was it?
~Are you going on a vacation soon??
~Do most of your vacations include something to do with lolita fashion?

Thank you for reading, and I hope you all are enjoying my blog, so far! I'll try to post regularly. :3



Srta Keiko said...

NiƱa cute n3n

Anonymous said...

oo! cute!

My last vacation was really over Christmas, when I went to Germany to visit family, but I am going on vacations this summer-visiting my sister and more family, and also visiting my best friend. I'm just getting into lolita fashion, but the visit with my best friend definitly has some lolita fashion planned out!

Faltering Bird said...

@Srta Keiko

Awee haha you are too sweet! Gracias!! <3

Faltering Bird said...

Awee thanks haha! <3

Ooh that sounds soo fun! I Have never been to another country before! Is Germany fun??

That's so much fun! I bet you look so cute in lolita so far! What type of lolita do you like best? Sweet, gothic, etc?? I'm excited for you since you have just started! :3

Emmelie ♥ said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun ♥
You are such an adorable girl ♥♥♥
It's been some time since I had lolita on, perhaps it's time soon again?

Anonymous said...

Your post sounded so much fun! I hope you post more soon.

I'm actually on vacation now! In Japan! and it has a little bit to do with lolita because I just bought the first pieces of my lolita closet on this trip.

♥zoe♥ said...

OMG...you're so dang cute♥ Love your sweet blog i'm a asian:) Loving your blog!


Yuri Douceur said...

you are so cute! I love your layout!! xxx

『HiidoOoX.Rose.Addict』 said...

You are Sugoi i like your style n_n.

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