Thursday, April 8, 2010

Circle Lenses

For the longest time, I had pined for circle lenses! I'd seen so many super cute Asian girls wearing them, and eventually people I knew in person became fans of wearing them. Personally I think, although they're unnatural and therefore a bit unsettling, that they're very cute in a doll-like way!

I purchased my circle lenses from a website called "Pinky Paradise"(http://pinkyparadise.com/)
The transaction went smoothly, and they arrived fairly quickly! I bought two different pairs from a series called "Wonder Eye." I chose blue, and green! (My eyes are naturally brown, so I wanted to try something different to me. In the future, I think I may try brown as it's more believable since it's my natural colour!)

I'd actually never put contacts in before in my entire life, the whole thing was really quite the ordeal for me! Even looking at what a coloured contact lense looked like was a pretty foreign thing to me.

You'll have to excuse the mascara; that's what happened to my makeup while trying to put the lenses in! ;_; Either way, it looks WAY different from my natural eyes! Circle lenses extend the coloured part of your eye, and make it appear as if your eyes are larger and cuter!

Here's just one photo of what they looked like in! I honestly thought the size of the lense was going to be what unsettled me most, but what was really the most odd to my was seeing myself with BLUE eyes! I think I like myself better with brown, haha!

What are your feelings on circle lenses?
~Do you like or disslike them?
~Do you think changing your eye colour is cheating??
~Do you think they're creepy, or cute?

Unrelated, but I'd like to give my friend Nitty a HUGE thanks! She totally re-vamped my entire blog, just for me, because she's just that much of an awesome friend! I think she made it look lovely!

I hope you've enjoyed my second entry! Thank you very much for looking, and I hope you'll be back to read more!~



Vivi said...

You look really cuuuute~ the blue looks pretty natural to me :)

Jousia said...

I don't like Circle lenses that much. I'd like to have colorfull contacts, but just to highlight my naturel eye colour (green <3). I love my natural eyes but I'd like to everybody else to see them too. :3 If U know what I mean. BUT there is on problem... I could never touch my own eyes! Ew!

Faltering Bird said...

Awee, you are so sweet!! Thank you so much! I'm glad the blue looks ok!! <3

Hehe, to each their own! Ooh, you are lucky to have green eyes, gosh! That's the colour I want!

Oh man, yeah, it was SO hard for me to touch my own eye. I was crying at one point! It was soo scary! x.X

Anonymous said...

haha I still think they look like glass eyes XD
I want to see a photo of the other pair too! :D I want to get lavender and blue color contacts when I move to Taiwan :3 My eyes are weird shaped so I have to get them custom fit T^T

Contacts get easier with practice~

Faltering Bird said...

They totally do on god. XD It's still a bit creepy for me, as cute as I think they are! XD

I'm almost afraid to put in the other pair...but I will someday soon, when I have a sufficient reason to! XD

Oh, I'm so happy to hear you say that! It's a lot of work to put them in, so I hope I become better at it! *3*

Miss Lumpy said...

Ooh interesting! I'm not usually into the doll-eye look, but the more I see them, the more I like them. I've never worn lenses before, tho, so I don't think I'd have the nerve to actually wear these!

Faltering Bird said...

@Miss Lumpy
They actually really scared me at first! I wasn't sure what to think of them! XD

I bought them thinking I would never have the nerve to touch my own eye, actually. Haha! x.X

Anonymous said...

I think blue eyes suit you :) Especially with your long, pretty brown hair!

Faltering Bird said...


Awee really? What a sweet thing of you to say! Thank you very much. <3
I do like blue, but it's just so funny to me, haha! XD

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