Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is my first post here on Blogger! I'd like to state right off that this is a blog primarily about myself, things that I do, and my own personal feelings. It's meant to be public, unlike my other blogs and journals.

Today I'd like to share some images from a fashion called "Lolita." It's an alternative street fashion from Japan, and it's pretty silly and frilly. If you'd like more information on this fashion, please visit here: http://lolita-handbook.livejournal.com/

A few days ago, I had a photoshoot in lolita, followed the next by a Lolita Meet. (As girls that dress lolita often meet and dress up, just to have fun!)

Here are a few images from the Photoshoot~

All three photos (c) Melody H.

At the Lolita Meet, we all went to see the new "Alice in Wonderland" movie. Personally it wasn't my favourite movie, but I thought it was alright!

Some pictures from the meet~

I hope you all enjoyed my photos, because Blogger is an annoying piece of shit and I already hate their website and post-format! :D

~In just three days, I fly to the east coast with Sterling! We're visiting all of his friends for Minkie's 30th birthday, in Pittsburgh, PA! Hopefully, we're also going to NYC for a day or two. (It would be both of our first times in NYC!)

Well, wish me luck on my trip!

Bye for now~<3


Natalie said...

I can comment on your post now, wheeeeee~~~

Faltering Bird said...


Natalie said...


Now make more entries! ♥

Anonymous said...

Hello~ welcome to blogger Miss Ashlee~!
You're pretty - (I want Your hair! *o*) and your appearance's really suitable for Lolita fashion
I like your first dress, but...um... I think skirt in others photo is a little... too short for well-mannered Sweet Lolita...
Oh, meet friends and have good time together, good luck~ ^_^

Faltering Bird said...

I sure will!!

@Ai Shinigami
Thank you!! I'm super glad you like my hair, thank you!! I'm glad my appearance is suitable to you!~

Yeah, it really is short! I actually don't much consider it lolita...but I do like it! XD

Thank you, asgain!! <3

Sophia Alexandra said...

I like your blog! Your outfits are always so cute! At an SF meet up a while back we had a talk about how adorable your outfits always are so its cool to find this! Happy bloggin :)

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