Wednesday, February 9, 2011

~A few new things~

Lately, I haven't really been buying much lolita. Maybe it's because not that many prints have caught my eye past my recent purchases my Angelic Pretty Milky Planet set, and my Angelic Pretty Vanilla~Chan set, or maybe I am becoming wiser with my money? (Haha, fat chance!!)

In any case, I've actually ben pretty entranced with a few items from Bodyline recently, especially the two new boater hats I got! No matter what anyone says, I still like quite a few of the things Bodyline produces. Personally, I do not adhear to "Only brand!" However, I do not adhear to only handmade, or only Bodyline/replicas either. I think that quality/fun items can be found just about anywhere, whether they're $1,000, or $10.

If you havent checked out Bodyline this winter, you should! There's a lot of cute outerwear.

Got some eyelashes, too! I can never resist buying false lashes, I buy them whenever I get the chance!!

Looks like Callie likes lolita, too! She curled up there right after I took the photo!

Wearing one of the new boater hats I got! I love it so much!!

So, what kinds of lolita/cute items have you all gotten, recently??


Teipu said...

I got a JSK and socks from the Innocent World sale. And two pairs of socks and a Putumayo replica skirt during a Lolita swap party ^^

Your fur cape looks really cute~

Faltering Bird said...

@Teipu Oh man, cute!! Was the Lolita Swap party something you did locally??

And thank you!! They're really soooft ; 3; <3

Anonymous said...

Adorable stuff! I've been looking for cute boater hats exactly like those for ages, so I'll have to try and get them sometime! Bodyline seems to really be stepping it up lately. ^^

Faltering Bird said...

@plastikmotte Thanks!! Oh, you have?? Well gosh, you should buy fromm Bodyline for sure, then!! And yeah, I think you're right.
I remember when I first started lolita around...5 years ago? Maybe longer? Back then, people didbn't even want to TOUCH Bodyline! It was HORRIBLE back then!! x.X

Dolly said...

I bought a Baby JSK recently. :)

Faltering Bird said...

@Dolly Oooh cool! What one did you buy?? I'm so curious!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha aren't those lashes the best? Also fffff Elaine and I are lusting over those boaters and I had no clue Bodylike had such cute caplets!

Now I need to save some money to buy them!

Faltering Bird said...

@Cottoncandydays Is this your account, Katie?? XD
And ffff I haven't tried them yet! I'm suuuper excited to, tho!! <3

Buy more!! * 3*

Hanabira Keiko said...

I love boater hats, I should invest in some, they work great with a lot of different styles, be it Lolita or not ^^
You look super cute in that picture!

Faltering Bird said...

@Hanabira Keiko You should! And they TOTALLY do. I love them!
And awee, thank you!! ; 3; <3

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