Friday, June 17, 2011

♔ Full Spectrum Lolita ♔

Finally received a package from Mai, thhe Japanese woman who buys things for me in Japan!~ I received two sets--Angelic Pretty Lamb set, and Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny set! I'm beyond stoked!

The artwork of the lambs is SO adorable!

I had totally forgotten I ordered this lamb bag! It's soo soft! * 3*

I'm not sure how I feel about the headbow, however. XD

Lyrical Bunny is just TOO cute! I was really sad when I missed getting it when it first came out, and was lucky enough to have a friend link me to this on an mBok Auction!

I love animal prints and food prints. So what's better than that? Animals WITH food prints!

I love the socks!!~

Recently, I visited my parents, and my mom bought me a few new summer clothes, which I thought was really nice of her! I'm obsessed with flowers, and shorts WITH flowers on them. Can you tell??

Since purchasing the Lyrical Bunny set, I put it away in my closet and realized I had almost every colour of the (pastel) rainbow! Now I have a Full Spectrum of Angelic Pretty. (Minus orange, of course. I wish more companies used orange, seriously, why is that so hard?!)

I wish I could take a picture of my full closet, but it's a small walk in closet and sort of imposible to take a picture that includes everything because of the angle of the wall! So, the above photo is just some of my dresses!~

~What lolita (or non-lolita) summer clothing have you ladies purchased?
~Is it warm where you live, yet??
~What does your wardrobe/closet look like?


Fleur en Sucre said...

Hello I just found your blog my name is Fleur and I am a french lolita ^^

Recently I bought the skirt sky dream, pink toilet & milky pink planet

Patrick said...

Aw that is so cool! I really love all of the clothes you posted~ Can't wait to see Lyrical Bunny and the Sheep set coordinated! C:

†Niesje7002† said...

Hihi a pastel rainbow <3 It looks nice!
The lamb set looks adorable, the bag is too cute!!

Hanabira Keiko said...

I have the Sheep Garden too, but in blue! :D Those cute sheep with the straw hats sold me to the print, that and the little birdies, so cute ^^ I wish I had the lamb purse too, it's so adorable ;_;
My summer clothes include light colors, ankles socks and breezy cutsews for Lolita :D I use mini skirts and shorts outside Lolita too, I love floral motifs on anything *_*
My closet is quite weird, since I'm into classic as well as sweet, the sweet part is mostly sax blue, pink and black, and the classic pa rt is pretty much dusty rose, green, black and cream xD
I would love to see a full shot (or many) of your wardrobe, you have such cute clothes :D

Abbey said...

Yeah, there should be more orange in lolita! Love your purchases, I have that Lyrical Bunny set too...I really ought to wear it more!

Here the weather is really random at the moment, boiling hot sun one day and tipping down with rain the next! Hoping to dig out my lighter and shorter Angelic Pretty skirts for Summer though, and can't wait to wear my new Dream Sky skirt!

I wish I could share my closet but I just moved back home from uni and all my stuff is EVERYWHERE and I don't have enough room for most of my things! Pretty much all my stuff is pink or black though...I want a rainbow like yours!

EЯI ♡ said...

omg, the lamb bag is the cutest bag I've ever seen! And I love the lyrical bunny set, the purple is gorgeous~

Anonymous said...

Hello my Idol ♥ !

Haha ^^ ! I couldn't have lambs on one of my dresses and as a handbag, because lambs, I eat them \(*w*)/ !

But the Lyrical Bunny set is really cute even though I prefer the salopette version (now I think about that, I used to eat rabbits too... I'm an Angelic Pretty killer èwé !).

I really love what your mother bought for you, all those clothes are so cute ♥ !
Oh, if you want some oranges pieces, there are some brand ones, but I don't know if it's your style : http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/mary-magdalene/type/jsk/item/61/

So, to answer your questions :
- I have not purchased anything for summer yet, but since the sales period began yesterday in France, maybe I'll go and buy some summerish stuff...
- It's not really warm where I live (but today, it is !) it's a temperate climate ^^.
- Argh, my poor closet is reeaaally empty @_@...

Bye ~ ♪ !

Anonymous said...

But you have not " heard" the latest and it is best you switch blogs...ROB LOWE HAS VANS and BUSLOADS..and the QUEEN and REGIS KNOW!

Elh said...

wow!!that is so adorable your style is so cute

Exótica said...

your blog is cute, and your style too!
lovely ♥

aiSTYLEmee said...

Aww those clothes are so cute! I love your blog. It's so cute. Love your cute style! Your newest follower! Hope you could come by and follow me too. http://aistylemee.blogspot.com

Emma Louise said...

I wish people in Ireland were brave enough to embrace the Lolita fashion. It would make people watching way more interesting!

Noeh said...

omg.. this is a very cute blog.. and very cool style.. reminds me of Gwen Stefani.. really awesome.. interesting too... love it!

following your blog now..
hope you check and follow my blog too..

stay fabulous and spread LOVE!

Natalie Leung said...

wow, you blog is so cute, love it! now following !!


!♥ m i m i said...

Woah you do have the full spectrum ^-^ I'm loving your blog! Read all the posts in one sitting hahah. Post moreeee!

Oh, and I'd love to see a makeup tutorial! Or even just a lolita transformation video. I looove those. I'm too much of a wimp myself to go out decked in full lolita wear, so I just watch videos/read blogs of other ppl doing it hahah.


Lhizette C. said...

I found you on LB! I love your blog and your lolita posts! Cheers!

cavernicola antropofaga said...

It's lovely!! Hey doll, how do you style your hair? I think is pretty amazing <3 Can you make a tutorial? Pwease pweaseee *0*

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