Monday, May 23, 2011

☆Sakuracon 2011☆ ~Con &"Stigma" discussion

Recently, me and my good friend Jenna drove to Seattle, WA. to attend Sakuracon!

Hung out with Kirsty and her best friend for a bit! Jenna & I roomed with my friend Danny, who is on the far right!

Kirsty is so cute! I really liked her choice of a mint coloured wig. Mint with lavendar is such a cute colour combo! I looove yellow with blue (another weird combo, I guess) but I'd never seen this one before!!

Me and Jennnnnnnaaaaaa ♥ ♥ ♥

I really liked the lighting in this bathroom! I kept going back everyday to take photos! XD

Jenna took this really cool nighttime photo! I love Seattle!

The lolita meet we both attended! There were a ton of lolitas~!

Our makeup shot! Jenna looks super cute, I think!

I am always one for cloying accessory shots, haha.

Everyone that was at the meet!

I really like this photo of her!! * 3*

Both of us~♥

One of my favourite pics ever of me! I usually hate most photos of my face!

I thought Jenna did a really good job taking this photo! I'm using it as my Facebook default right now I like it so much!

Overall, we had a really fun weekend! I got sick right as we were leaving, which wasn't so fun...but oh well, at least I'm not dying!

Even though cons are filled with a lot of things that I don't like participating in, I'm actually really fond of the enviornment! I'd much prefer a lolita meet to a con, but I'll take what I can get! They always end up being really amusing, to say the least!~

I know that, for a lot of lolitas, there's a certian, let's say, "stigma" towards going to anime conventions. I can understand the whole idea from trying to break away from cons (So that we can do our best to be associated as a different sub-niche of Japanese wacky-ness, rather than grouped in with the anime crowd) but I personally find that I tend to fit in at anime conventions.

On a random side note, I think my favourite comment the whole weekend came from a man driving through the same parking garage we were in, as we were getting things out of Jenna's trunk, dressed in lolita.

Man: What are you all dressed up for?
Me: Oh, just an anime convention. Lots of nerds, you know.
Man: An ENEMA convention?!??!?!?!
Me: Anime convention. Like, a convention with animation. For nerds.
Man (looking oddly dissapointed): Oh...
He then proceeded to drive off.

Do you ladies like to go to anime convetions? What are your opinions on Lolitas at anime conventions, vs. Lolitas in their own element?

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Anonymous said...

you look AMAZING! :)
i think lolitas fit in at anime conventions as much as cosplayers etc do.
cons aren't dedicated to cosplaying, it's dedicated to the love of all things japanese :D

i only wear lolita at conventions so i guess it's different :/
btw i'm going to be wearing my DDH salopette i bought from you at fanime! are you going? <3

Faltering Bird said...


Ahh, thank you so much! I'm super glad you think so * 3* I thought I could have looked better, but oh well! XD

I think that's a really good point! I just notice that a lot of lolitas seem to not like going to conventions! So I really wonder what type of opinions are out there! XD

Unfortunately, I'm not going this year! Boohoooo :((( OOOH so cute!! I can't wait to see photos of you in it! It's funny, because I wore that very same salopette LAST year at fanime! I guess, even if I don't get to attend the con...the salopette is, for me, in spirit!! Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

oh nononon you looked FABULOUS!! you should be proud that you make such a good sweet lolita <3

hmmm...i think maybe it's because most lolitas aren't from major cities that have the fun conventions/meet ups such as seattle/ca/ny and maybe a few other places :( so then they go to conventions and it's probably kinda crappy, in comparison to something like AX.

OH NOOO! sadness :( i'm excited to wear it!
what a coincidence~ you will definitely be there in spirit! i wish i hadn't missed that fancy french name lolita event last year. maybe someday they'll come back...!

Abbey said...

You all look so adorable!

Hmmm I find it odd when lolitas go to conventions, but only when they're the 'OMG I HATE ANIME' kind...I mean, why would you go in that case xP But it's nice to wear it somewhere where you won't stand out so much, I think.

And omg enema convention - what a creepy guy!

SweetsxHolic said...

You're looking adorable as always, Ashlee~. I can't wait to get to Oregon and see you more often!! Also, yay for me for making it into your Sakuracon blog post! *◡*

Rikki Rachel said...

PFFF Enema convention! XD

Sweeth said...

Hi darling! I really like your blog!
I hope that you will follow mine too ^^.

Yue Moon said...

woooooow your blog is so pretty!

i fallow you, i really love your style

muuuuack :3


beautiful outfit ;)
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midori said...

Hi I found your blog via Lookbook.You looks amazing. I think the outfits really suit you. They're cute too ^^


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