Friday, April 8, 2011

~Angelic Pretty Phone Cover~

Recently, I purchased this official Angelic Pretty phone cover through my shopping service! I actually don't even have an iPhone 4 yet (Which is pretty silly, because this is an iPhone 4 cover!) But, I'll be getting one in the future...so I couldn't pass up this opportunity! I'll be so excited to use it as soon as I can!

This is the phone I have currently--the Korean LG Ice Cream. As much as I love it, I've never had a smart phone before, and I think it's time for an upgrade! I've had some heavily bejeweled/deco'd phones in the past, but I'm a bit more muted these days, it seems.

What kind of phones do you all have? Are yours "lolified"??


insertcake said...

i can't wait to see the phone cover "in action"! your current phone looks very cute too, i've always loved that type of cell phones ♥

kam said...

I've a Nokia, it's a smart phone.
I had an ugly phone before and decided to have an upgrade too. ^^
Mine has some chocomint donuts (it's a key ring).

Faltering Bird said...

@insertcake Me, too! I can't wait to purchase an iPhone 4!! ♥ Haha, thank you! I really really do love chunky flip~phones, especially Korean/Japanese ones...but it's gretting hard to survive in america without a smart phone. I was GPS, damnit! XD

@kam Oooh is your phone nice?? :3
I've had a lot of ugly phones in the past too, haha!

Hanabira Keiko said...

I think you did great in buying that awesome phone cover, it's super sweet, I would love to own one too if I knew I would buy an iPhone :P
Since I'm not buying one I'll remain stuck with a boring normal phone cover ahah xD
I actually bought a new phone yesterday, because mine fell in the water and didn't work anymore ._." I'm so clumsy.. I still don't know if I'm gonna deco or lolify it, I already did that with my camera but this new phone I have is so cute on its own! For now I'll just add some phone straps to it ^^


Faltering Bird said...

@Hanabira Keiko Ahh, I totally feel the same way about my Korean phone! It was so cute just pink and how it was, that I left it that way! XD

Oh god, I've dropped phones in water before. They should make them waterproof! (Although I guess no one would ever need anotehr one then...haha!)

Anonymous said...

love the cover, and i have the ice cream too! i love the phone but changed to an ipod 3, i am getting bit tired of the smartphones XD think of coming back to my beloved ice cream<3

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